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11 December 2009 @ 01:34 pm
this journal is friends only!

I'm always happy to meet new people on here though ♥ (esp. since LJ has been pretty dead these last few... uhm... years), so if you'd like to read my ramblings about
a) Dir en grey (Kaoru- & Toshiya-biased, but I love them all)
b) various other bands & music in general (huge Placebo fan, amongst others - check out my last.fm to get an idea of my taste)
c) TV series and movies (atm mostly Game of Thrones and anything Marvel, but also a big Doctor Who fan)
d) my everyday life
e) musings, feelings, thoughts and occasional(?) emoness
...feel free to add me and drop me a line so I know who you are and can add you back! :3